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The Newark School District, with 71 schools, 7,000 employees and a student population of 37,443, is the largest and one of the oldest school systems in New Jersey. Its origin dates back to 1676. Barringer High School, in Newark’s North Ward, is the third oldest public high school in the nation. The ethnic diversity of the city provides a rich educational experience for pre-kindergarten to secondary school students. The district continues to revise its services to meet the changing needs of students. The Newark Public School system is home to over 70 public schools and 20 charter schools. The school district has their own website.

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Additionally, you can use the map below to find out about schools and daycare in your area.


We are going to begin investigating on how to put out literature in other languages. -Mayor Baraka #NwkTownHall | Tweeted On: Aug 29, 2014

Newark resident comment: Is there anyone responsible for running bulletins about education in other languages? #NwkTownHall | Tweeted On: Aug 29, 2014

Mayor Baraka has advised the Newark student to call his offices for assistance in getting into school next week. #NwkTownHall | Tweeted On: Aug 29, 2014

Newark student comment: Is there anything u can do as Mayor 2make sure students can get into @least 1 of their 3 choice schools #NwkTownHall | Tweeted On: Aug 29, 2014

We need to secure our travel patterns not make up new ones.-Mayor Baraka on transportation safety affected by the 1 Newark plan #NwkTownHall | Tweeted On: Aug 29, 2014

When people give their consent to be governed there are things that should be expected. -Mayor Baraka #NwkTownHall | Tweeted On: Aug 29, 2014

Mayor Baraka shares his views on the 1 Newark plan. #NwkTownHall | Tweeted On: Aug 29, 2014

My fundamental problem with the 1 Newark plan is that it has made education less democratic. -Mayor Baraka #NwkTownHall | Tweeted On: Aug 29, 2014

Town Hall meeting number 5 going on now at St. Stephan's Grace Community. #Newark #NewarkNJ… | Tweeted On: Aug 29, 2014

We are even taxing creditors who have abandoned properties. -Mayor Baraka on bringing revenue into the city. #NwkTownHall | Tweeted On: Aug 29, 2014

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